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SmartCom GPS, MapView GPS - most of Symbian smartphones
also for SmartComNavigator and CarMonitor under OS Symbian

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The GPS moving map software: Download and buy a latest version of Oziexplorer-CE | SmartcomGPS
This fill the gap in a lack of maps for Oziexplorer, SmartComGPS, SmartComNavigator and MapViewGPS.
Are you planning a trip to the place you've never been? Pick up some maps and make your journey easier.
For all travellers - constantly growing gps map archive for selfbuild navigation systems on mobile devices.

Here're .ogf2, .ozf2 maps

Country and city level maps of Western, Central, Easten Europe, Middle East, Northen Africa, Asia and USA.
All these maps are calibrated to the coordinates and ready to use in navigation with or without gps-receiver.
Gps maps formats are: for PDA (Ozi) *.MAP *.OZF2, gps maps for phones under Symbian *.MAP *.OGF2

  Canary islands - road map 1:200,000 $ 6
  Hawaiian island (USA) - topo map 1:50,000 $ 6
  Kuredu island (Maldives) - detailed map 1:5,000 $ 6
  Stockholm (Sweden) - city map 1:21,500 $ 6
  Bangkok (Thailand) - street level map 1:15,000 $ 6
  Phuket island (Thailand) - detailed map 1:50,000 $ 6
  Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) - street level map 1:20,000 soon
  Hurghada (Egypt) - street level map 1:20,000 soon
  Finland - country map 1:750,000 0 USD *
  Belgium - road map 1:300,000 $ 6
  Austria - road map 1:300,000 $ 6
  Switzerland - road map 1:300,000 $ 6
in the table above the prices are for maps in ogf2-format.
for the maps in ozf2-format the cost be a bit higher.
*) this mark that current gps map included in a pack with another gps map(s).

use the link below to view all available maps
click pics to see screenshots of gps maps.
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Oziexplorer GPS maps | SmartCom GPS maps

Actually to use the gps navigating system, not only convenient, but also fascinating. For certain everyone had such moments when you strayed even in the native city or area, Not speaking yet, about foreign countries where sometimes a problem to find the necessary way lays in misunderstanding of local people, their not understandable language, their gestures, sounds.
For one sake, don't lose your precious time in searching a right way by a paper map or a street atlas, instead of enjoying your journey. And get your gps-receiver, mobile phone or PDA, install the navigation software (such as SmartComGPS, Oziexplorer), download gps maps. And how to easy set this all going, look thru the pages of this website.
For every traveller the personal, mobile gps system - It's a real time navigation aid.

Free Gps maps

To avoid misunderstanding, do not copy gps maps from this website on your web resources and do not give direct links to maps from your web resource as well, if want can give the reference to our web-site.

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Switzerland | Ireland | Portugal | Eesti-Latvija-Lietuva | Hungary | China | Singapore | Hawaiian Islands (USA) |
Maldives | Russia | World Blank Map series | United Arab Emirates | Qatar / Bahrain | Taiwan | Czech | Poland |

Here you can find the instruction manuals and user guides of the navigation and tracking software
for mobile phones and pda's: SmartComGPS, SmartComNavigator, CarMonitor, Oziexplorer CE
SmartComGPS internal-gps support (installation guide) | Phone's certificate tips

  Supported devices: Nokia, SonyErricsson, Samsung, Siemens, Motorolla - Symbian smartphones (UIQ/60/80/90 series)
HP-Ipaq, Dell, Toshiba - Pocket PC, WindowsMobile PDA's.

Our resource is dedicated to the gps navigation mobile systems and solves some related problems

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