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Greece maps | region overview

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  • Ozf2 map format for Oziexplorer / OziCE

    Athens city map - Oziexplorer     Greece country map - Oziexplorer     Crete road map - Oziexplorer
    map of Athens.ozf2 map of Greece.ozf2 map of Crete.ozf2
    Greece - Northern part - Oziexplorer     Greece - Southern part  - Oziexplorer
    map of Greece-2km-North.ozf2 map of Crete-2km-South.ozf2

  • Ogf2 map format for Smartcomgps / Navigator / Carmonitor

    Athens city map - Smartcomgps     Greece country map - Smartcomgps     Crete country map - Smartcomgps
    map of Athens.ogf2 map of Greece.ogf2 map of Crete.ogf2
    Greece - Northern part - Smartcomgps     Crete - Southern part  - Smartcomgps
    map of Greece-2km-North.ogf2 map of Crete-2km-South.ogf2

    Travelling and tourist information

        Greece is located in Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey. It is also bordered to the north by Bulgaria and Macedonia. Much of Greece is mountainous and rocky terrain, with the occasional plain. The Pindus Mountains start in northern Greece and stretch south to the Gulf of Patra. In the southern part of Greece are the Peloponnesus Mountains. About 20% of Greece is made up of islands. Crete is a large island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a popular tourist area for its beautiful mountains, coastline, and many ancient ruins. Most of the people in Greece live along the coast, or along rivers and harbors. The largest cities include Athens, Patra, Piraeus, Larisa and Salonica.

    Greece is no longer the cheap destination it was. A strict budget traveller should need approx. ˆ40.00 a day. On this budget you will be hitching, staying in youth hostels or camping, staying away from bars, and only occasionally eating in restaurants or taking ferries. Allow at least ˆ80/day if you want your own room, plan to eat out regularly and intend to see all the sights. If you want comfortable rooms and good restaurants all the way, you will need closer to ˆ120/day. Hotel rates vary enormously according to season with big savings if you travel outside of high season (mid-June until the end of August).

    Capital is Athens.

    Currency: Euro

    Climate: Greece has a warm Mediterranean climate. In summer, dry hot days are often relieved by stiff breezes, especially in the north and coastal areas. Athens can be stiflingly hot, so visitors should allow time to acclimatise. The evenings are cool. Winters are mild in the south but much colder in the north. November to March is the rainy season.