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Republic of Maldives maps | region overview

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  • Ozf2 map format for Oziexplorer / OziCE

    Lhaviyani Atol     Kuredu island - Oziexplorer     Kanuhuraa island map - Oziexplorer
    map of Northen Lhaviyani Atol.ozf2 map of Kuredu isl.ozf2 map of Kanuhuraa isl (Sun resort).ozf2
    Northen Male Atol     Male town map - Oziexplorer     Fihalhohi island    
    map of Northen Male Atol.ozf2 map of Male town/island.ozf2 map of Fihalhohi island.ozf2
    Gan island    
    map of Gan island.ozf2

  • Ogf2 map format for Smartcomgps / Navigator / Carmonitor

    Fihalhohi island map - Smartcomgps     Gan island map - Smartcomgps     kanuhuraa Sun resort island     Lhaviyani atol map - Smartcomgps
    map of Fihalhohi isl.ogf2 map of Gan island.ogf2 map of Kanuhuraa isl.ogf2 map of Lhaviyani atol.ogf2
    Kuredu island     Male town map - Smartcomgps     Northen Male atol    
    map of Kuredu island.ogf2 map of Male town/isl.ogf2 map of N.Male atol.ogf2

    Travelling and tourist information

        Republic of Maldives - A group of islands in the Indian Ocean, 500km (300 miles) southwest of the southern tip of India.

        The Republic of Maldives consists of about 1,190 low-lying coral islands, of which only 200 are inhabited. Most of the inhabited islands are covered by lush tropical vegetation and palm trees, while the numerous uninhabited islands, some of which are mere sand spits or coral tips, are covered in shrubs. Each island is surrounded by a reef enclosing a shallow lagoon. Hundreds of these islands together with other coral growth form an atoll, surrounding a lagoon. All the islands are low-lying, none more than 2m (7ft) above sea level.

        No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. Entry permit will be granted to visitors on arrival at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements.

    Capital is Male town.

    Currency: Rufiyaa [Rf].

    Climate: The Summer never ends in the Maldives. Although it is warm throughout the year there are slight variations in the temperature during certain periods determined by the monsoons. The Northeast monsoons, from November to April is mostly dry with very little wind, while the Southwest monsoon from May to October brings some rain and wind. Being on the equator, the monsoons are mild and the temperature varies very little. The annual average daily temperature is between 30.4 and 25.4 degrees Celsius. The average rainfall is below 2m per annum.