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Poland maps | region overview

Available gps maps in OZF2 and OGF2 formats. Screenshots see below

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  • Ozf2 map format for Oziexplorer / OziCE

    Poland map - Oziexplorer    
    map of Poland-North.ozf2

  • Ogf2 map format for Smartcomgps / Navigator / Carmonitor

    Poland map - Smartcomgps    
    map of Poland-North.ogf2

    Travelling and tourist information

        Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004. Poland is comparable in size to Italy or Germany (in USA larger than New Mexico) and with a population of approximately 39 million (e.g. more than California) it ranks among the most influential and remarkable countries in central and Eastern Europe.

    Neighbouring countries: Russia (Kaliningrad District), Lithuania, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany.

    Capital is Warsaw. About 1,7 mln citizens.

    Currency: zloty

    Climate: Continental; moderate, changeable weather.