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Ukraine maps | region overview

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  • Ozf2 map format for Oziexplorer / OziCE

    Kiev city map - Oziexplorer     Kharkov country map - Oziexplorer     Ukraine country map - Oziexplorer
    map of Kiev.ozf2 map of Kharkov.ozf2 map of Ukraine.ozf2

    Sevastopol city map - Oziexplorer     Feodosia country map - Oziexplorer     Crimea country map - Oziexplorer
    map of Sevastopol.ozf2 map of Feodosia.ozf2 map of Crimea.ozf2

  • Ogf2 map format for Smartcomgps / Navigator / Carmonitor

    Kiev city map - Smartcomgps     Sevastopol city map - SmartcomNavigator     Krivoy Rig country map - Smartcomgps
    map of Kiev.ogf2 map of Sevastopol.ogf2 map of Kriviy Rig.ogf2

    Travelling and tourist information

        Ukraine is a varied country whose landscapes range from the spectacular Carpathian Mountains in the west to the central plains to the stunning Black Sea views in the south. The coastal resorts of the Crimea were once a favourite destination for Kremlin leaders; Yalta, the 'Pearl of the Crimea', attracts the bulk of summer visitors, while the nearby vineyards provide plenty of wine tasting opportunities.

    Ukraine occupies an area of 603,700 sq km, slightly larger than France. Ukraine has borders with Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. To the south it borders the Black Sea. The only mountain range, the Carpathians, rises to 2,061m at Mount Hoverla in the west. The Dnieper River runs from the north, through Kiev to the Black Sea.

    The population declined from 52 million in 1993 to 48.9 million by October 2001, due to emigration, deteriorating health problems(particularly among mothers and children), and accidents. 68% live in urban areas, 32% in rural areas. 46% of the population is male, 54% female. 22% are under 21 years of age. 73% are ethnic Ukrainian and 22% ethnic Russian, with the Russians being concentrated in the east and south of Ukraine and in Crimea.

    Ukraine's capital, Kyiv, is the origin of the Kyiv Rus State, founded in the eighth and ninth centuries and the third-largest city in the CIS. Striking examples of baroque and renaissance architecture can be found in Lviv, one of Europe's oldest cities, while Odessa is probably best known for the Potemkin Stairway, but is also home to one of the world's largest opera houses.

    Currency: The Ukrainian national currency is the Hryvnia.

    Climate: Ukraine is located in the temperate climatic zone. The climate is mainly moderate continental. The subtropical climate prevails in the South of Ukraine (Crimea, Southern coast of the Black Sea).