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Four things we take to get all going: | Mobile device | GPS-receiver | Flash memory card | A gps map |

Basic explanation on how to build your personal, mobile gps navigation system and what things you need to get all going. This page is telling you about the gps systems based on two mobile devices
1).PDA's and 2).Symbian phones.

1). Mobile device

At first chose the device that suits your needs, weither PDA or Symbian phone. Nowadays handheld-PC and smartphones have almost the same characteristics and yet PDA's have two time wider screens.

  1. PDA under OS PocketPC, Windows-Mobile and gps navigation software that works on these devices is Oziexplorer CE available handheld-PC model list
  2. Mobile phones under OS Symbian and gps applications that works on these devices are SmartComGPS, SmartComNavigator, MapviewGPS(freeware) available mobile phone's list

PDA   Symbian mobile

2). GPS receiver

To ease the things we devide GPS receivers into three classes:

  • a).Integrated in PDA or a phone You can purchase separately two devices 1)handheld-PC (PDA, phone) and 2)gps-receiver or take a device with integrated gps module, here's the example of such devices: Motorolla(phones) a925/a1000, Qtek X100, Asus 436. So if you get those devices, don't read this section and go to the Flash memory card.
  • b).Bluetooth gps modules -
  • c).flash-card gps receivers -

coming soon ...

sdio module   bluetooth module

3). Flash memory card

Usually a flash memory card is shipped in a package with your mobile device (PDA, phone), but it has a small size in Megabites, that's why recommended to get and install a larger size memory card. It helps you to store more maps on one flash card.

SD card   MMC card

4). A gps map + Mapping software

Wnen your gps systme is already set, and now you need a map to display your coordinates, track and view your movements on a device screen.
To decide what navigation software can work on your device (read *1/. above this page)

To see a map collection of Oziexplorer in .ozf2 format
and for SmartComGPS, SmartComNavigator in .ogf2 format

city level map   country map