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In the Gps map section you can find gps maps in OZF2 and OGF2 formats.

  • Ozf2 maps are compatible for the moving map software such as Oziexplorer (PC under MS Windows 9x/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8) and Oziexplorer-CE (for devices under PocketPC, WindowsMobile and WindowsCE OS, Android).
  • *) for the program MapviewGPS need to buy maps in OZF2 formats and convert it using a free tool Ogf2converter as it's using an old ogf2 format.

  • Ogf2 maps are compatible for the moving map software such as SmartcomGPS, SmartcomNavigator and the gps tracking software CarMonitor (smartphone and PC-edition)
  • To buy a map, please press the 'map' button above.

    Purchase software

    In the Software section we have

  • the moving map gps navigation software: SmartcomGPS and SmartcomNavigator for cell phones (smartphones) under Symbian-OS (series: 60, 60 3d-editon, 60 4th-edition, 80, 90, UIQ, UIQ 3d-edition).
  • Also you can buy a license for the gps tracking software: CarMonitor (smartphone edition) for phones under Symbian and WindowsMobile-OS and CarMonitor (PC edition) for PC under MS Windows (98,2000,NT,XP,Vista).
  • To buy a license, please press the 'software purchase' button above.
    Download the latest versions here.
    Before buying a license we recommend to try a demo version of software in 15-day trial period in all function mode.

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    Important) As some maps have a large size in MegaBites. and If you have a fast internet access (such as Cable, ADSL), We recommend to use our download page, because the email delivery is slow and take more time.
    *) Also at your wish we can split your order by 5-10 MB parts, to ease your download. That method recommended for users with a slow internet access (on slow dial-up modems and for some corporate proxies). for any help contact us, before read F.A.Q.