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Before download a map, please read text below.

To avoid misunderstanding, do not copy gps maps from this website on your web resources and do not give direct links to maps from your web resource as well, if want can give the reference to our web-site.

What the difference between free and paid maps

  • Free maps are not a demo versions of paid maps from our online catalog, and used to check a work of a navigation application in gps mode.
  • Some free maps have small rectangular area (part) of city, and some ones are in a smaller scale, other not much detailed.

  • prepaid  free  prepaid  free 
    *) all pics were zoomed out.
  • To purchase a detailed gps map from the online collection click here, to see maps available all maps
  • GPS maps for Oziexplorer
    Maps for SmartCom GPS
    map of Paris Paris - France (.map, .ozf2)
    map of London London - England (.map, .ozf2)
    map of Amsterdam Amsterdam - Netherlands (.map, .ozf2)
    Paris map Paris - France (.map, .ogf2)
    London map London - England (.map, .ogf2)
    Amsterdam map Amsterdam - Netherlands (.map, .ogf2)
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